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3 Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

Your gutters are essential for collecting rainwater and carrying it off through the downspouts. Over time, though, your gutters can get clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris, leading to dangerous clogs. Clogs in your gutters can cause serious issues, and can potentially damage your home. Here are some great reasons to get your gutters cleaned professionally.

Why Get Your Gutters Cleaned by the Pros?

To prevent damage to your home, you need to get your gutters cleaned regularly, but it can be a big and time-consuming job for any homeowner. Before you break out the ladder and tackle the job yourself, think about calling a professional gutter cleaning service to give you a hand. There are a lot of benefits to getting your gutters cleaned by the pros, including:

  1. It Prevents Foundation Damage

When your gutters are clogged and you’re hit with a downpour, there’s nowhere for excess water to go! Your gutters can overflow and fail to carry large amounts of water away from the foundation of your home. And depending on the condition of your foundation, water could get into your basement or crawl space, causing structural damage or mold. 

  1. It’s Good For Your Roof

Gutters that get clogged with debris and dirt are bad news for your roof. Clogged gutters get heavy and can weigh down the boards that connect them to your roof, also known as the fascia boards. This extra weight can pull the fascia boards off your roof, damaging shingles and your home’s exterior in the process.

  1. It Can Save You Money

Repairs to your roof, foundation, or basement can end up costing you more than $10,000. Gutter cleaning, on the other hand, costs just a few hundred dollars a year if you get them cleaned twice a year, as is recommended. Getting your gutters cleaned regularly means you won’t end up paying thousands when your gutters overflow!

Superior Cleaning Solutions Can Help!

If you’re looking for gutter cleaning professionals in the Baltimore County, Maryland, area contact us. Our expert team is happy to help!