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3 Common Flooding Issues Homeowners May Face

Flooding is by far one of the worst nightmares that a homeowner can face. A house flood can be quite devastating. The flood does not have to entirely fill your house to cause major issues for you. Residual flood damage needs to be handled as soon as possible so you don’t face much larger complications and financial burden.

Let these potential issues convince you to get help as soon as possible after a home flood, no matter how small.

Foundation Damage

Fast-moving water against your house can weaken the structure and even possibly separate it from the foundation. If you suspect any flood damage in your home, look for some of these possible signs.

  • Doors don’t close flush or the frames are cracked.
  • Windows don’t close correctly and their frames are cracked.
  • New cracks appear on walls, ceilings, or floors.
  • Outside bricks in the foundation show cracks
  • The garage door does not close correctly
  • Floors appear to be sloping at an angle
  • Gaps between walls and floors and/or ceilings.

Call a professional as soon as possible if you have found any of these symptoms in your home.

Mold Damage

As soon as your home gets wet it is a race against time to stop the growth of mold and bacteria. This growth can start to spiral out of control quite quickly. Quick action is paramount. Mold can cause all kinds of health complications for house occupants.

Look for these signs of mold damage due to flooding:

  • Allergic reactions (ex. Sneezing, congestion, and runny nose)
  • Mold odor
  • Visible mold growth

Electrical Damage

Electrical damage is extremely dangerous after a flood. Do not make any contact with floodwater in your home until you can call an electrician to give the all-clear. Once you have the all-clear from the electrician, safely look for these problems.

  • Burning, smoke, or sparks coming out of the outlets
  • Hot receptacles
  • Flickering bulbs
  • Loose connections
  • Frayed wires

Remember, any electrical damage is dangerous. It is even more dangerous around water. Be smart and contact a professional first.

Flooding is a traumatic experience for anyone. That’s why you need a professional to come alongside you for the entire process of recovery. At Superior Cleaning Solutions, we’ve been in the water restoration business for over twenty years. We are family-owned/operated, and we know how important your family home is to you. We have the skills and equipment to make sure your home is properly restored. For all your water restoration needs, contact us!