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3 Steps to Follow If a Water Intrusion Happens in Your Home

If you have a water intrusion in your home, it is important to act quickly. An intrusion can cause damage to your home and long-term health effects, but following these steps will reduce your risk when cleaning up or calling the professionals. At Superior Cleaning Solutions, we are prepared to help you with water intrusions of any size 24/7.

Find the Water Source

While it isn’t always simple, the first step to take when you experience a home water intrusion is to locate the water source. This will help you stop the water if possible to prevent any more damage. If the source is not obvious, turn off any running faucets, and take a look at your water meter. If you are not familiar with your water meter, this guide may help you.

Locate the meter that displays cubic feet and see if it is still moving. This could indicate a leak from your toilet, ice maker, dishwasher, or another plumbing fixture. A still water meter would indicate that the water is coming from an outside source like a roof leak.

Assess the Type of Water

The next step is finding out if the water in your home is from a contaminated source. Water intrusions typically come from clean water sources like indoor plumbing. Grey and black water sources are contaminated water sources. These intrusions happen less often, but cause more damage. Contaminated water sources include wastewater, floodwater, and sewage.

Contaminated water can be harmful to your family’s health and more difficult to extract and clean. If the water intrusion source is contaminated, your home cleanup will require professional equipment and techniques to be completed. A professional restoration company is your best option for safe and easy extraction and cleanup.

Extraction and Remediation

Now that you have identified the type of water and the origin of the leak, the last step in surviving a home water intrusion is extraction and cleanup. This includes removal of the water, removing any belongings from the intrusion area, drying the affected area, and thorough cleaning. If you are not sure what to do after a water intrusion, Superior Cleaning Solutions has over 20 years of combined experience in the restoration business and will have your home clean and dry in no time.

Experience Our Professional Service Today

At Superior Cleaning Solutions, our certified technicians can help you with affordable water intrusion remediation in the Baltimore, MD area. Contact us for professional water intrusion remediation today.