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5 Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Children and adults alike both love the feeling of a warm blanket or jacket from the dryer. Many Maryland residents can remember their mothers pulling clothes from the dryer just before they leave for school, running to catch the bus. But when your dryer begins to slow down, and recently-washed loads need several cycles in the dryer before getting dry, you might begin to wonder if it’s time to replace the machine. Before dropping your hard-earned cash, it might be helpful to take a look at the vents. 

Dryer Dangers

The most common issue with dryers can be found in the vents. Everyone forgets to clean the lint screen once of twice (or maybe more!), but lint and debris can build-up quickly over time, decreasing the effectivity of your machine. Not only can your loads come out damp, but there are also various dangers, including fire hazards, when vents are clogged. A thorough, professional cleaning can have your machine running as good as new, and allow you to sleep soundly at night. 

1. Allergy Improvement

Properly functioning dryers pick up tiny particles from clothing, leaving your clothes free from irritating pollens and dust that cause allergy-symptoms. If a dryer is not cleaned regularly, the allergens stay within the dryer and contaminate the rest of the clothing, rather than protecting them.

2. Improved Sanitization

Dryers not only pick up allergens, but also kill bacteria and other dangerous substances. Without reaching the correct temperatures, bacteria will continue to grow and live not only in clothing, but other fabrics (dish towels, bathroom linens, etc).

3. Clothing Protection

It’s common to leave the house with a load in the dryer, but if your dryer isn’t working properly, wet laundry will sit in the dryer. Mildew then grows in the clothing, which can do reversible damage (spotting, stains, holes, smell). 

4. Cost-Efficiency

Running the dryer costs money, and running it several times on the load costs more. Cleaning out the vents means your dryer can do its job the first time, without wasting any more electricity. 

5. Machine Longevity

We hope that our machines are an investment that will last 10 years or more! But without regular, deep cleaning, lint/debris build-up can permanently damage your machine. Getting regular, professional maintenance will save your money in the long-run.

Our Solution

At Superior Cleaning Solutions, we offer services to meet your exact needs, including dryer vent cleaning.

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