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5 Side Effects of Not Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Have you ever wondered what your air ducts actually do, or why you should spend any more of your hard-earned money on them? From allergies and asthma to structural damage, we’ve summarized all the consequences of not cleaning your air ducts into 5 dangerous side effects you definitely want to know about.

What Are Your Air Ducts Doing, Exactly?

Air ducts both carry and remove cool and warm air throughout your home, keeping it the exact temperature you want. They also cycle out the stale air, making sure each room feels fresh and comfortable. At least, that’s the job they do when they’ve been properly maintained. We’re giving just 5 of the consequences of not cleaning your air ducts, take a look and find out what’s causing that odd, lingering smell or why you’ve noticed more dust on the TV.

1. Dust

Seemingly the most innocent side effect, without proper maintenance, you will begin to notice more and more dust in the home. Settling on the bookshelves, collecting in the curtains, and covering up the TV screen, dust can be a nuisance to clean. But more importantly, dust can collect and clog vents, which can lead to damaging/destroying your AC system, and is a growing fire hazard.

2. Pests

Collections of dust, dirt, and other particles floating around in the vents become a cozy home for pests. Without proper cleaning, and assuring proper moisture levels, ants, roaches, and other pests like rats can begin to endanger your home.

3. Mold/Mildew

Because of the nature of heating/cooling system, moisture is constantly present within the ducts. Removing the health factors concerning mold and mildew, keeping track of problem areas where mold and mildew are found can lead to finding leaks and other issues within the system, saving you from costly issues in the future.

4. Health Hazards

Not only does increased amounts of particles like dust in the air aggravate allergies and asthma, but large build-ups of molds and certain allergens can also cause new health issues, including allergies, asthma, sickness due to contaminated water, sinusitis, rashes, and even Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

5. Money

Without cleaning the vents, the system will need to work harder to keep the right temperature, costing you more money. The system may also become damaged and need to be replaced at an even greater cost.

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