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How the Air Duct Cleaning Process Works

You want the best for your family and you do everything you can to keep them safe and healthy. What you may not realize is that your home’s indoor air quality could be causing them harm. Indoor air contaminants such as cigarette smoke, pet hair and dander, dust, and mold can cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions. Air duct cleaning can help reduce the number of contaminants in your home and help you breathe easier.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Over time, dust and other materials build up on the interior walls of your ductwork. When your HVAC system is running, some contaminants drift along with the air, making their way back into your home. Air duct cleaning is the act of clearing debris and other accumulations from inside your home’s duct work.

How Are Air Ducts Cleaned?

The process of air duct cleaning begins with a visual inspection of the ductwork. Since most ducts are hidden in ceilings, they aren’t easily accessible, however. To fully understand the extent of the accumulation, a remote camera is deployed to record the interior of the ducts. Once the inspection is complete, our technicians will take the following steps to spotlessly clean your ducts:

  • Agitation devices and brushes are used to loosen the built-up materials from duct walls.
  • Air intake and return air vents are thoroughly cleaned inside and out.
  • Special blowers and vacuums push the debris out of the ductwork into our awaiting truck.

What Are the Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning?

Besides the obvious benefit of removing potentially dangerous contaminants from your ductwork, air duct cleaning also has some other surprising benefits. These include:

  • More efficient HVAC operation.
  • Less dust build-up in your home.
  • Elimination of odors in the home.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning Today

Keep the air in your Baltimore, MD home clean and healthy with air duct cleaning by Superior Cleaning Solutions. You and your family will breathe easier, your home will stay cleaner, and your HVAC system will operate more efficiently. Have questions? Feel free to contact us or call us at 443-399-2328 to schedule an appointment today.