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How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Furnace

It’s hard to imagine, but your HVAC system is a delicate ecosystem, despite all the power it contains. We’ve talked about water damage and how to manage it, and we’ve talked about proper furnace maintenance, but we haven’t talked about the crossover between the two. What happens when water meets the furnace?

Furnace Placement and Common Flood Areas

As you might have guessed, there is one big commonality between water damage and your HVAC- location. The most common place for your furnace to be housed is in the basement, because of the convenience and accessibility to pipes throughout the home. Unfortunately, your basement is usually where excess water will end up if your home is flooded. Whether due to heavy rains, flash floods, busted pipes, or sewage back-up, water will make its way down into your basement if it didn’t start there in the first place.

What Parts of the Furnace are At Risk?

Depending on the depth of water and the amount of time the furnace has been exposed, the damage can be extensive. More often than not, professionals will recommend you to replace the furnace rather than repair it, to avoid further damage/danger to the home. What parts of the furnace could be damaged? We’re glad you asked!

  • Metal surfaces/integrity
  • Valves
  • Controls/Thermostats
  • Burners
  • Gas lines
  • Electrical wiring
  • Filters

How Can I Keep My Furnace Safe?

There are a few important things to know in order to avoid water damage to your furnace. 

  1. Reconsider/Evaluate the location of your furnace. Like we said, it’s convenient to keep your furnace in the basement, but if you live in a flood zone, you’re asking for trouble. While it might be expensive to move the furnace, it could be safer and cheaper in the long-run. 
  2. Proper Maintenance. Keep up with the health of your water lines, and be sure not to skip any steps. Choosing not to replace a few lines can lead to an even greater expense.
  3. Professional Services. Whether you are looking for someone to check on your water lines, relocate your furnace, help with water damage restoration, or any other project in your home, make sure you have experts you can trust. 

Superior Cleaning Solutions

If you’re looking for affordable, dependable care to make sure your home is safe and set-up with risk management in mind, contact us and schedule an appointment today.