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Keep Critters Outdoors with Varmint Guards

While it might be a compliment to have neighbors admire the home you’ve worked so hard on, there are certain neighbors you would rather avoid. Rats, raccoons, snakes, and other critters can’t help but look for ways to enjoy the warmth and protection your home provides! But if you’re not the type that enjoys hunting down the noisy intruder in the middle of the night, we have the perfect solution.

Varmint Guards

In short, varmint guards provide an additional layer of security for your vents. This delightful contraption installs quickly without preventing the vents from doing their job. Wishing you could have an in-person demonstration? We’ve got you covered- check out the video on our website! Here are a few reasons we think the varmint guard is the right investment for you:


Most of these critters are the burrowing, nesting type, which means they’ll be using their claws and teeth to make the space more comfortable, and will starting dragging in objects to make themselves at home. Instead of having to undo months of damage and paying for costly replacements, why not prevent the problem before it begins?


Critters, including roaches, bird and rats, carry bacteria and diseases. Even if you manage to get rid of the nest, droppings and urine in the lungs of your home will need to be found and professionally cleaned. 


Everyone has had the unfortunate experience of the terrible, mysterious odor. Maybe a mouse died in your Grandmother’s old trunk, or a few bird eggs in the gutter never hatched, but whatever the case, we want to make sure it’s an experience you never have to have again.

Superior Cleaning Solutions

Starting to think that the Varmint Guard might be the best hot summer tip you’ve read so far? Contact us at Superior Cleaning Solutions to make an appointment!