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Keeping Your Home Carpets Clean

No matter how you try, you know you don’t get a good deep cleaning when vacuuming your own carpets. You get the surface dirt and any debris from the outside, but all the deep, ground-in dirt remains. Under all the nice clean carpet lies a wasteland of pet hair, dander, and dirt, and it is time to get rid of it!

Health Benefits of a Clean Carpet:

There are a variety of health benefits associated with a clean carpet:

  • Pollutants: A deep cleaning will eliminate pollutants that can irritate your eyes and lungs.
  • Allergies: Indoor allergies are often caused by dust mites, which stubbornly will not be eliminated with normal vacuuming.
  • Mold and Mildew: Mold and mildew can grow deep in your carpet even in the winter. By the time you see it or smell it, it’s already too late.

Steps To a Cleaner Carpet:

Superior Cleaning Solutions has a five-step process that will give you the cleanest carpets and eliminate pollutants, allergens, and mold:

  • Step one: We do a walkthrough inspection to ensure that we track all the problem areas in your rug.
  • Step two: We will do a surface vacuuming moving small furniture out of our way.
  • Step three: Spots, stains, and high traffic areas will be pretreated with an environmentally friendly solution.
  • Step four: We will give your carpet a deeper cleaning using an agitating machine to break up deep dirt.
  • Step five: We will use our truck to give your carpet our hot water dirt extraction process. This final process will scour and disinfect your carpet.

At Superior Cleaning Solutions, we are a family-owned business. We never sacrifice quality for affordability; thus, we can assure you that you have a premium clean for the best price. If you need your carpets cleaned at an excellent price, click here.