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Pet Urine and Smells in Carpet

Having a pet in your home also means having unexpected puddles, smells, and other gifts on your carpet from time to time. But we know you still love them, and so do we, which is why at Superior Cleaning Solutions, we have a plan for that.

Our Plan

Pet odors have a way of soaking so deep into fabrics that it seems nothing will make it go away. But, before tossing out your favorite couch, or preparing to replace the carpet, take a moment to talk with us. As pet lovers ourselves, we have learned how remove the scents that seem to reappear like clockwork, and we have the tools you need to sanitize your favorite seat in the house.

Tips to Prevent Pet Odor in Carpets 

Because we care, here are a few tricks we’ve learned to keep pet odors and accidents to a minimum:

  • Vacuum/mop regularly. Our pets are always looking for ways to claim our homes as their territory. By regularly vacuuming, mopping, and wiping down furniture, you can prevent them from becoming a little too comfortable in your home. 
  • Baking soda. While waiting for a professional clean, baking soda can help alleviate the stench, so you can continue to work, cook, and live life as normal gas-mask free.
  • Cleaning out your filters. Filters from your AC or other systems are meant to collect things floating through the air. Unfortunately, if you own a pet, that means they will usually collect and spread unwanted smells around the house. Don’t worry, we help with that too!
  • Fresh air. Nothing helps to get rid of odors like fresh, circulating air. Open the windows (and maybe some doors!) once a week, and let the fresh air do the work. Your friends and family will be grateful, and so will your pets!

Looking for more information on how we can help you and your furry housemates coexist in a happy and healthy environment? Contact us for a consultation!