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Protecting Your Valuables from Water Damage: 4 Tips

Water damage is a big problem for any homeowner. The cost of repairing your home after water damage can be astronomical. But, that’s just your home. What about your valuables? The best thing you can do to protect your valuables from water damage is to be proactive. Consider doing these four proactive steps to protect your most precious possessions.

Store in Air-Tight, Waterproof Containers

You want to keep all your most treasured possessions in air-tight and waterproof containers. Keep these containers preferably up high out of reach of potentially flooding waters. Sometimes water gets in your home no matter what you do. Keeping your valuables in the proper containers will be good damage control in those uncontrollable situations. 

Stay On Top of Repairs

Keep your home on a regular rotation of home repairs. Your home can develop cracks in the foundation, windows, and doors. It is very important to have these issues repaired as soon as possible. You risk water getting into your house and causing significant damage if you don’t make the proper repairs.

Check Your Appliances

You need to make checking your appliances a part of your yearly home maintenance. The hoses on your dishwasher, washing machine, and ice maker can grow old and become loose. Poorly maintained hoses can lead to water flooding into your home and damaging your valuables. 

Don’t forget to check your water heater and also put it on a regular rotation for maintenance. Your water heater should be partially drained every six months to prevent sediments from building up on the bottom of the water heater and causing erosion and rust. Don’t forget to check the pipes when doing the water heater maintenance.

Turn Off Water Supply

Turn off the water main when you are leaving town. If you can’t turn off the water main, consider turning off the water to individual faucets or appliances. Leaving your home empty means you may not be home if or when a pipe bursts. Water could be flowing into your house without your knowledge and before you can get home in time to save your valuables. Prevent this from happening by cutting off the water completely when leaving.

Water damage can be a traumatic experience. That’s why you need a professional to come alongside you for the entire process of recovery. At Superior Cleaning Solutions, we’ve been in the water restoration business for over twenty years. We are family-owned/operated, and we know how important your valuable possessions are to you. We have the skills and equipment to make sure your home is properly restored. For all your water restoration needs, contact us!