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Sanitizing the Air You Breath Inside Your Home

As a homeowner, you want to make sure your house is a healthy and safe place for your family to live. Sometimes, there are hidden contaminants throughout your home that you may not know about, including in the air you breathe. But keeping the air in your home clean can be simple. Read on to learn about common contaminants in your home and how air duct sanitization can help.  

What Is Air Duct Sanitization?

Your air ducts keep air flowing throughout your home, but sometimes they can collect dust, dirt, pollen, mold, allergens, or other pathogens or pollutants that can cause respiratory problems or other issues. Air duct sanitization is more than just cleaning out the ducts. It involves using a specialized sanitizing solution to make sure that dirt, germs, and pathogens are destroyed, meaning your home and its inhabitants stay healthy. Superior Cleaning Solutions is proud to offer superior sanitizing solutions for your air ducts.

How Do You Know You Need To Sanitize Your Air Ducts?

Your air ducts usually operate behind the scenes, so it’s hard to see if they’re getting dusty or dirty. However, here are a few ways to tell if your air ducts need to be sanitized:

  • Do you see dust blowing out of your vents?
  • Do your vents give off an unpleasant odor?
  • Is your air filter covered in dust?
  • Do you hear a whistling noise? This could be a sign of a blockage
  • Have your ducts been sanitized within the last year?
  • If you moved into a new home, do you know when the ducts were last sanitized?

Your air ducts should be sanitized at least once a year. If you are aware of any of these warning signs, it could be time to call in the pros. 

Keeping Your Home Healthy

At Superior Cleaning Solutions, we know how important it is to you to keep your family healthy. If you’re in need of air duct sanitizing or other cleaning services, contact us today.