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Sanitizing Treatment for Your Carpets

Dust, dirt, insects, bacteria and even germs choose your carpet as their new home. While regular vacuuming and spot cleaning can keep your carpet looking fresh and clean, other problems hide deeper beneath the surface. Without regular, professional cleaning, the carpet your children play on could actually be harming them! So how do you sanitize carpet-areas while keeping your sanity? We have the answer to your problem!

Problems to Look For

1) Stains, or visible issues

While many homeowners believe the only solution to a large blemish on the carpet is to spend thousands of dollars on new carpeting, our experts at Superior Cleaning Solutions know exactly which treatments to use on even the most frustrating spots. Wine, ink, bodily fluids, or any other accident that may have found a permanent place on your floor. Don’t worry, we have the tools to do the job!

2) Bacteria, allergens, and other issues deep within the fibers

Using our 6-Step Process, all the unwanted visitors hiding in your carpets will be taken care of. With the correct products, a perfectly balanced heated-water system, and our professionals at Superior Cleaning Solutions, your home will be breathing better than before!

Our 6-Step Process

Step 1: Inspection

We start with a thorough walkthrough of your home. After taking note of the spots and problems you have noticed, our experts will examine the carpet for any additional problems or stains you may have missed, to be sure you get the Superior service we guarantee!

Step 2: Vacuum and Preparation

Next, our team will vacuum your home using our profession tools, and move any smaller furniture out of the way to prepare for the deep cleaning. 

Step 3: Pre-treatment

At this point, we will begin treating the spots, stains, and heavy-traffic areas with our solutions, allowing them the time to work.

Step 4: Scrub

Using a machine designed to bring up embedded dirt and dust, our team will scrub your carpet completely, focusing on the problem areas.

Step 5: Wash and Rinse

Using our truck-mounted equipment, the hot water extraction process will begin. Our system keeps the water at the exact temperature to sanitize the carpet while still protecting the fibers, removing excess water as it goes. 

Step 6: Inspection

Finally, our team will walk through our work with you, to make sure you are satisfied with the job.

Your carpets work hard for you- let us work hard for your carpets! Contact us to schedule an appointment with our team!