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Top 5 Benefits of Having Your Deck Power Washed

Getting your deck professionally power washed offers several benefits for you and your home. Here are 5 reasons to call Superior Cleaning Solutions today to schedule your power washing.

Improve the Look of Your Deck

A clean deck looks more attractive and gives you the perfect spot to relax after a long day. Even if the rest of your house is in excellent condition, a dirty deck takes away from your home’s curb appeal.

Remove Surface Damage

Over time, sun and rain can cause discoloration, leaving your deck looking worn and dingy. Power washing will remove this surface damage, leaving your wood clean and ready for a coat of fresh stain.

Prevent Mold Accumulation

Mold causes discoloration that takes away from the aesthetic value of your deck, but it can also result in health concerns. Mold accumulation can cause your deck to become slippery, leaving you and your guests at risk of falling. Breathing in mold spores can also have negative impacts on your health, so it’s important to have your deck power washed to make sure you’re breathing fresh air while you’re enjoying time outside.

Increase Property Value

On average, a homeowner recoups about 76% of a wood deck’s cost upon selling their home, according to the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling. This was the 4th best investment among the 22 most common remodeling projects.

Give Your Deck a Longer Lifespan

By removing surface damage and preparing the deck for staining, power washing helps to extend the lifespan of your deck. Power washing removes dirt, salt, and other substances that damage the wood. It also leaves a clean surface for staining, which further prolongs your deck’s lifespan. Staining seals the deck to keep moisture out and prevent rotting wood.

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